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Systems Commercial Office Furniture: Modern and Fit Outs

As an industry leader for over 30 years, we are New Zealand’s premier experts in layout design and custom furniture manufacturing to suit all office and commercial space needs.

Throughout our many years in business, we have dedicated ourselves to innovation and have played a huge part in our industry’s evolution. We continuously find new ways to improve the industry – creating new project-based solutions for greater convenience and efficiency to better meet growing customer demands.

With Systems Commercial fit outs and office furniture, NZ businesses can always expect the best in furniture and fit outs.

Fit Outs

We have extensive work experience across many sectors and locations, from the traditional office furnture fit out to more specialised jobs like fitness centres and art galleries. Using a thoroughly modern approach, our talented in-house team works from the ground up to achieve your desired results. Whether designing a customised fit out from scratch or simply following a guided template for franchises like Snap Fitness, we always get the job done properly.

Case studies of our previous fit out work can be viewed here.

In House Design

Our service goes above and beyond that of New Zealand’s typical office furniture retailers. With an experienced in-house design team, Systems Commercial provides businesses with a complete office redesign.

A properly designed fit out has plenty of benefits, from increased efficiency to improved employee morale. Whether the fit out is for an office or retail setting, it’s important to get the job done right.

While we encourage a do-it-yourself attitude, coming up with ideas for an office makeover requires real expertise. It involves more than simply buying new office furniture. Auckland businesses and others all over New Zealand can get great results by relying on the expertise of our in-house design team, who offer free design services to all of our clients.

By using advanced 3D technology in our designing and consulting process, we give you a clear glimpse of what to expect from the final fit out. Our 3D technology allows us to address any corrections or amendments prior to the build, eliminating all surprises and unforeseen situations, and leaving you with a final product that meets or exceeds all expectations.

At Systems Commercial, we take pride in our work. No design will ever be implemented without going through rigorous trials and a mood board examination to ensure that the final products always fit the brief. Our dedication to the craft allows us to consistently provide the best office furniture fit outs and manufacturing skill in the country.

Custom Office Furniture

We have all kinds of products in stock to fulfil the needs of any fit out. This inventory includes all the modern office furniture New Zealand businesses require, along with classroom necessities, and even smaller accessories.

We focus on functionality, which is why our commercial office furniture is customisable. Regardless of the size or needs of your office, Systems Commercial is able to custom make the right product for the space, while optimising its suitability.

Desks, tables, and workstations

We have every type of desk, table, and workstation needed for the modern work setting. Our catalogue includes smaller items like laptop desks, as well as larger pieces like our range of meeting tables, reception desks, and full-blown workstations.

With its focus on functionality, our furniture is made to be versatile. For example, our flip tables can be turned 90 degrees, improving ease of storage and mobility. These flip tables are perfect for work settings where collaboration is key.

Another highly functional product range found at Systems Commercial is our set of sit-stand desks. Not only can the height of the desks be easily adjusted to suit any scenario, but they are also healthier than traditional desks, as workers who use sit-stand desks burn more calories and can easily maintain improved posture. Despite the health benefits, we understand that standing all day is not always the most convenient option. That’s why our desks can be adjusted quickly and smoothly to allow for sitting – without knocking off any objects on the table.


Buying chairs and other seating solutions may seem at first like a simple task. But different locations often require different types of furniture. At Systems Commercial, our experienced designers know which type of seat can maximise the comfort and aesthetics of any setting.

Our diverse range of seating solutions covers everything from small stools and ottomans, to large sofas and booths, to plush boardroom chairs designed to impress important clients.

With our impressive range of seating furniture, we can meet all needs and requirements for fit outs in any industry.

Other products

A modern functional office requires more than just tables and chairs. We pride ourselves on providing a full service – from start to finish – for our clients. Numerous custom storage solutions, partitions, and accessories like lamps, and anything needed to complete a fit out, can all be found at Systems Commercial.

As we are a multi-faceted business, more specialised products that are not necessarily office-related – like classroom furniture, bar stools, and café chairs, divans and sofas – can also be found in stock.

The full list of Systems Commercial products can be viewed here.

Showroom and Delivery

While our state-of-the-art showroom is located in Auckland, our world-class custom furniture products and services are available to all of New Zealand via country-wide delivery. We know time is valuable for any business, which is why we are committed to the fast delivery of our products to any location – commercial, residential, or even rural.

In addition to delivery, our other services are all easily accessible for clients outside of Auckland as well. Our staff are highly experienced at dealing with remote clients, and they are always easy to communicate and work with.

The well-trained team members at Systems Commercial take the highest pride in their work. They will make sure to listen to your every question and concern, while proposing custom solutions to suit your specific needs.

Find out more about our services and get a free quote by giving us a call today. Or check out the rest of our website to see our full range of services, and view our large range of office furniture online.

Our  Showroom, located at , 558 Rosebank Road, Avondale Auckland, for all of your Office Furniture Fitout Requirements.

Systems Commercial is an NZ family owned company and a leading supplier of affordable designer furniture in Auckland. We have been in the industry for 30 years specialising in office furniture, fit out and design.

Office Trends

We follow the latest trends in Sit-Stand desking, Break Out Spaces, Open Plan Offices and Communal Work environments. Our in-house design team have all the facilities and skills to get you the best solution for all your fit out needs. Come in to find what your office fitout needs!

What We Do

We service major corporate and government bodies but we are also the place to create an modern home office or choose your child’s first desk and chair. All at surprisingly affordable prices.

Systems Commercial stock the largest range of chairs, sit stand desks and office furniture in Auckland. From the chrome and leather luxury of the corporate boardroom, to more budget conscious options. We also stock storage solutions, screens, cupboards and sofa’s in a range of colours and materials. Most importantly we offer solutions. Creative ways to use your space to the best effect for productivity, comfort and aesthetic appeal.

Start to finish

When you come to Systems Commercial Furniture, you’ll get more than just a standard selection from a catalogue. Our design team can take your specific office space into account, and build custom furniture based on your preferred style and needs. Whatever requirements you may have for your commercial office furniture in NZ, our experienced team can and will deliver the result you’re looking for.

This process begins by rendering your office in 3D, allowing you a bird’s eye view of the various possibilities and arrangements for your brand new office furniture in Auckland. Our experts work with you, side by side, to explore the ideal solutions to maximise space and functionality within your office, while keeping a comfortable and appropriate aesthetic.

We take full advantage of on-site templating in order to ensure that the furniture we provide is designed to fit your office perfectly. Naturally our supply of office furniture in New Zealand is always built to the finest standards, leaving you with a workspace that is comfortable, modern and durable for the productive years to come.

When all preparatory work has been completed and it is time to build your furniture, our engineers proceed with a high level of care and expertise. We use mood boards to evaluate all new designs, and examine the results of trials to confirm that the end product will be as comfortable and effective as anticipated.


Chairs, desks, cabinets, and every other piece of office equipment are available at the click of a button, with our wide selection of office furniture online. We also provide on-site consultancy, allowing our team to analyse, advise and adjust any fitout plans you may have or wish to enquire about. We give each of our customers complete personalised service, to ensure that the solutions we provide are the best for your office.

Even if you approach us without a clear idea of what your ideal office solution might look like, our experienced team of designers and fitout professionals can propose an excellent selection of possible designs to suit your office space. Many of our customers come to us without a definite vision for their new office, and find themselves thrilled by the possibilities on offer. Our furniture and fitout efforts can easily fit your company branding style, providing a strong sense of office spirit and identity while simultaneously fulfilling its functional role in a comfortable and efficient office.


We have an amazing new showroom located in Rosebank Road Avondale. Come in and be inspired to change your working environment.

Our space management and free design service helps our clients to visualise the finished system. Terms & Conditions apply.

Working alongside our factory Ward Manufacturing we offer the largest range of stylish, durable and economical furniture solutions for any office.

Click here to see our wide selection of sit stand desks

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