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Electric Desk - Table - White

Contemporary office furniture that allows you the freedom to create your ideal workspace – Systems Commercial is all about that. The Federal height adjustable desk certainly meets that brief in every way possible.

With our years of experience, we help customers to design office spaces with furniture to create their perfect space. It has taught us that a connective and fulfilling workplace is one of the best tools you can use to attract and retain great people. Modern, stylish, ergonomically designed pieces are the fundamental building block of an environment where people are eager to spend their time. A well-designed workplace will support happy, healthy life, and productive people who thrive at work and go home energised.

At first glance, the Federal desk is a modern, super-sleek piece of office furniture that would look great in any contemporary workplace. But the real magic lies beneath the surface in the adaptable technology and sustainable manufacturing principles. It is a top performer in more ways than one!

Height adjustable

The Federal is a height adjustable workstation with a difference. With a technologically advanced, programmable digital display, this is truly a user-friendly desk that combines practical flexibility with the intelligence of electronics. At the touch of a button, this smart desk can be easily adjusted to 4 programmable heights between 720 to 1200mm height, making it responsive to change, simple to control and flexible to the needs of any user, whether they prefer to sit or stand.

At a length of between 1400 and 1800mm, and a depth of 800. The automated height adjustable feature on the Federal makes it incredibly convenient for anyone to adjust the desktop height on their own. But more than that, this a great piece of office furniture when it comes to looking after the health and safety of your staff.

Workplace wellness

People who work in the modern office environment are now spending most of their time sitting, usually hunched forward over a keyboard. The health impacts of this long-term stagnation can’t be denied. It shows up in a variety of forms, from back and muscle pain, to higher risk of colon cancer and diabetes.

On the other hand, when people are standing at their desk instead of sitting, the benefits have been shown to be extraordinary. We burn more calories per hour, reduce blood sugar levels, reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease and back and neck pain. Studies have also shown that standing at work has psychological benefits that show up as improvement in mood, less stress and increased energy throughout the day.

Simply put, people who stand at their desk have a greatly improved chance at good health outcomes in the workplace, more energy and more productivity. They’re also more likely to enjoy being at work and less likely to become dissatisfied.

Environmentally sustainable

Sit and stand Office desk - Federal height Adjustable Office Desk. Home desk.

Sit and stand desk – Federal height Adjustable Office Desk. Home desk.

Another major shift we’ve seen over the years is the move to more sustainable sources of materials for commercial and office furniture. The Federal is made using Environmental Choice certified board, which is the highest environmental certification a product can obtain in NZ. The Melteca desktop surface has FSC certification, which ensures the wood has come from responsibly managed forests that do not contribute to deforestation. It is made from NZ wood with a low emission process. Melteca is also made locally in our Hamilton plant, following best environmental practices under ISO 14001.

Optional Extras

The Federal’s strong, stable frame comes in black, silver or white, and top colour of NZ Snowdrift White Melteca. For even greater flexibility, privacy and safety, there is also a range of optional extras to choose from, including screen partition, in desk power module, cable snake and modesty panel. For optional extras, or other size or colour options, please ask.

At a price of $689.00 (excluding tax) and amazing payment plans, the Federal is an excellent long term investment in office furniture that is good for your workplace, the environment, and the wellbeing of your people.



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