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Office Space Management

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Specialising in office space management, Systems Commercial provides customised solutions to incorporate your staff into a purpose-made, functioning space to get the best out of your office.

Our expertise simplify the complex practice of space management. With our deep understanding of commercial furnishings, our team comes on-site and analyses the space to begin workplace design.

With many available options, you can customise your furniture to suit your needs. We can also involve you in the process as much or as little as you like. You can be highly involved and make your own suggestions, or you can simply trust us to do the excellent job that has given us an impeccable reputation over our 30 years in the fit-out business. Whatever your choice, there will be no additional charges based on your level of involvement.

The Office Space Management Process

1. Office Space Analysis

Systems Commercial’s specialist team visits your site to assess the diameters of your office, the capacity of individual spaces and the number of staff. Our team works to understand the specific requirements of your business and the function of your spaces, as well as the technologies of each area.

2. Optimising Office Space

By creating tangible key performance indicators (KPIs) to measure success, Systems Commercial can integrate these needs into the design of the office space. Using a simulation of the layout with 2D images, our designers will outline what your newly renovated office will look and feel like. This gives our clients an opportunity to communicate their needs and identify if the proposed office space management will act as a solution. After the 2D design and layout is completed, we also offer on-site templating and space planning. This service involves providing a detailed analysis of the available space. This is to ensure that you can determine the proper arrangement and sizing for the furniture to be used.

3. Manufacture and Construction

After the final plan from us is approved, it will be handed over to the manufacturing team to begin the actual construction. System Commercial’s skilled manufacturing team is experienced in all kinds of commercial office management. They can work their magic in any style to make your dream design a reality. You can even request specific materials for the renovation. We always use the highest quality materials to ensure that your office continues to serve your business.

Speak to Systems Commercial today for bespoke office redesign solutions to maximise productivity and optimise office space.

Speak to Systems Commercial today for bespoke office redesign solutions to maximise productivity and optimise office space.

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