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Office Partitions

Create privacy with Systems Commercial’s range of modular partitioning systems and simultaneously increase focus and productivity within your staff. Our modern partitions offer a stylish, purpose-made solution to help create zones in a shared office space. With desk-mounted partitions, free-standing partitions and ceiling-suspended partitions, you can transform an open office space into a sectional area for different work groups or individual staff.

What do Office Partitions Offer?

Available in a range of styles, sizes and finishes, Systems Commercial partitions offer a number of benefits and uses. From simply zoning off areas within an office to promoting desk privacy in vibrant workspaces, office partitions can make a significant difference to your business. Divide desks that are placed end to end or separate opposing desks to enjoy improved focus. These can also help provide acoustic relief, as can hanging partitions, by dampening echo from hard surfaces such as walls and ceilings. Our sneeze guard partitions are perfect for customer-facing companies in order to protect your staff and offer customers peace of mind when interacting with your business. 

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