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Are you a business owner expanding or setting up a new office, or are you working from home and the kitchen table isn’t cutting it anymore? Don’t worry we have you covered and can help you choose the perfect office desk for your space.

We have rounded up the top things to consider when choosing a new office desk.

Consider your space

If you spend the majority of your day at your desk, you will likely have multiple screens set up and want things easily accessible. If you’re working with a decent amount of floor space, it might pay to incorporate a large office desk into your space. With desk bases being adjustable, we can easily make desktops to suit the size and space available.

If you are working from home considering a smaller, more stylish option might be right for you. The Malmo sit stand desks are a great option for the home office worker as they are the perfect for a laptop. Not only do these look great, but they are height adjustable allowing you the flexibility to sit or stand.

Compact Sit Stand Desk white with timber top
Malmo Sit Stand Desk $420

Selecting within your Budget

The materials, size and functionality will all influence how much an office desk will cost. However most office desks will fall within the range $200 – $800 and others into the thousands for a custom design executive office desk. We have a range of static and height adjustable desks available for purchase online or to view instore across a range of price points.

Hummer Office Desk
Hummer Office Desk $389.00 – $449.00

Think about Ergonomics

A height adjustable desk or sit stand desk is the ideal choice for those who spend lots of time at their desk. We are learning that standing desks offer many health benefits and are a popular choice when people are choosing a new office desk. We have been selling electric sit stand desks since 1997, and we have found the Federal Electric Desk with 4 stage memory to be the most reliable and user friendly sit stand desk we have ever sold.

Federal Standing desk Auckland
Federal Sit Stand Desk $710 – $839

Choosing the right office furniture is key to keeping your staff productive and creating the right look and feel for your workplace. If you have further questions about choosing the right office desks or specific questions about any of our products, please get in touch.

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