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As the first impression to all who visit your office, the reception area should embody the quality and character of your company. Guests will immediately be either enticed or dissuaded to do business with you based on how they feel about the space. Your company deserves a reception area that reflects its values and charms. So, if you’re concerned that your reception isn’t doing enough to represent your business and impress customers, it might be time for you to consider a fresh design and fitout.

Beautify Your Reception

A comprehensive new design and furniture fitout means much more than simply beautifying the space. The reception area acts as a business card for your company. As such, it should be a physical representation of the company’s personality and consistent with the company’s branding. The décor is just as important as the overall layout and design and should give visitors a clear idea of what the company does. Whether the business values creativity, innovation, fun, or simplicity, the design, layout, and décor of the reception should reflect your core identity.

The reception area isn’t only important for impressing visitors and clients. It’s also the first thing employees see every day when they come in to work. A well-designed and inviting space can boost morale by making workers feel more at home in the office. A fresh reception area will make them feel more pride in their company and their work. Moreover, when a prospective employee comes into the office for job interview, a beautiful reception area will make them feel like your company is something they want to be a part of.

Comfort & Organisation

It’s not just the layout, design and décor that are important. The area also needs to be both comfortable and organised. If your guests are early for their appointment, it’s important that they feel both impressed and at ease as they gaze about the office. Guests should also have something to do while they wait. Access to the Wi-Fi should be freely granted. You should also provide magazines or other reading materials that are both entertaining and relevant to your business. This will have the added bonus of showing visitors that you are well-informed in your given field. You might even consider installing a television to educate and entertain your guests. Of course, a quirky design with innovative furniture can be entertaining in and of itself.

Functionality & Aesthetics

It’s also important to consider the functionality of the space. The receptionist is often one of the busiest people in the entire office. There will be a lot of materials that this employee will have to use throughout the day, so the desk itself is of special importance. The goal should be to maximise both functionality and aesthetic appeal. The two don’t need to be mutually exclusive.

As the first person everyone sees when they enter the office, the receptionist is the face of the company. A company’s values and character are represented through this person. If she feels comfortable and at home in her workspace, she will be able to do her job to the fullest because she will feel proud to be the company’s representative. Her good mood will rub off on everyone else in the office. Visitors will not only be impressed with the physical aspects of the area, but they will also pick up on the cheerful attitude that permeates the workspace.

The Professionals

At System Commercial Furniture, we know that renovating or building a new reception space requires both professional skill and creativity. Our in-house team is comprised of expert designers who will work with you to ensure your new space meets and exceeds your expectations before we begin any physical work. We use cutting-edge 3D technology to create a comprehensive plan of the fitout to guarantee you are pleased with every aspect of your new reception area. What’s more, the technology will input the finished products into spatial layouts to ensure that the completed renovation is fully optimised.

Our Process

Only when you are completely satisfied with the design team’s plan will our manufacturing team begin the actual physical construction. Our highly skilled construction team has extensive experience with all kinds of reception fitouts. They’ll be sure to make your dream design a reality with minimal disruption to the working schedule of your office. We know how disruptive large renovation jobs can be, which is why we put so much emphasis on planning. Our comprehensive planning allows us to complete the actual fitout quickly and effectively so your business can get back to work with a brand new, beautiful and optimised reception area.

We also understand that it can sometimes be difficult to find furniture that matches your specific needs. That’s why we offer custom-made furniture to make sure it suits your exact specifications. We’ll work with you to design and manufacture the ideal chairs, desks, or cabinets for your reception area. Custom-made furniture will enhance the aesthetic appeal of your reception area and embody your company’s brand. Whether you choose to have your furniture custom-made or prefer to select from among our many fine existing products, you can rest assured that all our furniture will be functional, elegant, and durable.

Your level of involvement in the project is completely your choice. You can choose to let our expert team handle everything or be fully involved throughout the entire design and construction process. Whatever your decision, you’ll be in good hands.

With more than 30 years of experience in commercial renovations, our professional team is sure to give your business the beautiful reception area it deserves. We know that your requirements are unique. That’s why we treat every project as if it was for our own business.

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System Commercial Furniture is one of the leading fitout providers in New Zealand. All our services are affordable and professionally delivered to provide you with everything you could expect and more from a renovated or new reception area.

Contact us today or come visit our showroom to see for yourself how we can turn your reception area into the perfect introduction to your business.

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