Qikfit Power

The Qikfit is a stylish, slim and sleek design which will complement any workspace or office environment.

Qikfit power series has been designed to fit the Prodigy cable baskets or Axxess  power boxes easy install with simple click into place.

The Qikfit sockets are auto-switched for a clean look and efficient operation. The multi directional sockets on the 4 gang Qikfit allow for an array of chargers and plug packs to be used simultaneously. The Qikfit series comes with either soft wired installation couplers, allowing for quick and easy change and CHURN to suit any office environment or a hard wired option which incorporates a cable with the OE Elsafe J-Coupler on the end.

The J-Coupler allows for power to pass through the J-Coupler and feed the Qikfit.


Available in Black or White


Power options

  • 2 GPO
  • 4 GPO
  • 2GPO, TUF A+C (fast charge)
  • 4GPO, TUF A+C (fast charge)


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