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When it comes to the hazards of sitting down for long hours of the day, there is no shortage of information available to remind us that a sedentary lifestyle can create problems for us. Countless studies have shown a greater risk of mortality for those who sit for over 10 hours a day. Cardiovascular disease, diabetes, muscle aches and certain cancers are just some of the complications that can result from sitting for too much of the day.

However, the fact is that many of us sit down more during the day than we actually sleep. After all, work hours at the office usually amount to at least 8 hours a day. From office workers to students, people of all ages are increasingly spending more time sitting. It should, therefore, be no surprise that sit stand desks have been all the rage since people started becoming conscious of their lack of participation in daily physical activities.

Over the years, more and more offices have installed height adjustable computer desks for their employees. For those who are health conscious and are seeking ways to improve health and career advancement at the same time, sit stand workstations represent a great combination, a win-win strategy.

The Benefits of Height Adjustable Desks

The benefit of adjustable height desks is that they increase overall activity by encouraging more movement, helping people alternate between sitting and standing. To make the most out of a stand sit desk, it is recommended to break up seated work regularly by standing up and frequently adjusting your posture.

The aim of using an adjustable desk is not to be standing for the entire time. Being on your feet all day is exhausting, uncomfortable and has its own negative consequences on the body. Rather, the goal is to avoid detrimental effects on your health caused by being seated for too long. 30 minutes is believed to be an optimal amount of time to alternate between sitting and standing, and height adjustable office desks allow for this transition to be easy.

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Taking A Break

Of course, employees could in principle make the effort to stand up and take a break every so often to increase their daily physical activity. However, on busy days where time spent working is crucial, it may not be practical to take frequent breaks. Adjustable workstation desks provide a solution to this issue by allowing workers to move while continuing to work.

There are other added benefits to stand sit desks, including a boost in productivity and an improvement in mood. The movement from sitting to standing is believed to release mood-enhancing chemicals by improving overall body circulation. Additionally, studies have revealed that participants report increased energy levels when using adjustable desks compared to non-adjustable working desks. The enhanced mood and alertness allow for the continuation of work, thereby increasing worker productivity in the long run.

Additionally, sit stand desks have shown to reduce back pain – a common problem for people with desk jobs. Back pain is so common these days because human beings are not designed to sit for such extended periods of time. The pain is caused by the strain in the joints. In a study comparing the use of traditional desks and sit stand desks, lower back discomfort was significantly lower with participants who used sit to stand desks. These types of advantages offered by adjustable office desks make them a worthwhile asset for businesses looking to invest in the well-being of their employees.

Though workers may attempt to compensate for the long hours of sitting by exercising every day, this effort is not enough to overcome the detrimental effects of sitting for over 8 hours. As well as regular exercise, it is important to move throughout the day. Something as simple as the transition from sitting to standing plays a crucial role in our overall health. Stand sit desks are useful in encouraging employees to perform more low-impact movements – and these actually add up to help improve our metabolic expenditure.

Having an adjustable work desk can remind and motivate us to move our bodies. It provides an easy strategy of incorporating more standing movements in our everyday lives. Ideally, sit to stand desks can be used alongside a commitment to regular exercise. However, for those who do not have time to exercise at all, utilising a height adjustable office desk may make all the difference to their health. Sit stand computer desks reduce sedentary behaviour and offer the option to sit or stand while working, which empowers employees to decide how to balance based on their preference.

Ergonomic, height-adjustable standing desks are available in many sizes and, to fit your budget, prices. Sit stand computer desks can be easily be adjusted at different times of the day to suit your preferences or activity schedule. Our Wave desk is recommended for those looking for a lightweight and easily portable adjustable desk.

For those not wanting to purchase a whole new desk, we offer Deskalator, which is a stand that is placed on top of an existing desk. It converts a traditional desk into a sit stand desk by providing extra adjustable height.

In addition, our electric sit stand desks can bring you a little standing exercise with just the flip of a switch. The electrical operation is both fast and quiet, which avoids disturbing other co-workers who are working nearby. Our electronic height adjustable desks make regular posture refinement easy; these models include the Federal, Blake and Duo desks.

Alternatively, manually adjustable sit to stand desks are also available for those who would like a little upper body workout to accompany the standing position. These options provide an excellent alternative to regular desks, which have a fixed height that is not modifiable. Adjustable height desks represent a convenient solution for workers of various heights and reach, as they can position themselves to meet their own spatial needs. Therefore, adjustable desks are an excellent option, even when they are used as normal desks. Additionally, employees are free to choose when and how often they prefer to be sitting or standing.

In contrast to traditional desks and standing desks, sit stand desks offer the option for either. These furnishings can easily be complemented with any types of seat.

Finally, those looking for an extra activity to increase their energy expenditure may be interested in the spin seat. This addition offers a gentle cycle action with 8 levels of resistance. The seat has a whisper-quiet pedal system with wheels that can be easily rolled out when it is not being used. This design is yet another example of how we increase the dynamics of work environments by reducing sedentary behaviour where appropriate. Our adjustable desks and spin seat benefit the short and long-term health of people whose occupations normally result in inactive lifestyles.

Installing sit to stand desks is a positive direction towards combating the negative effects of excessive sitting that exists in today’s work culture. Many of our customers start out by giving the product a trial run (so to speak) only to return a short time later to buy the adjustable desks for the whole office.

Indeed, businesses have now recognised the benefit of investing in our products for the benefit of employees who spend significant time working on desktops. Height adjustable office desks have become a popular trend in recent years, and for good reason. The added benefits of sit stand desks will become more prominent over time, as the health benefits of their users accumulate.

We invite you to skip (or jog, or hike) over to our showroom and speak to our sales team. We stand ready to answer your questions and speak with you about the amazing benefits of adjustable height desks.