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When you think of office furniture desks, you often picture a cluttered mess. Perhaps you picture a single table filled with a computer and keyboard, fax machine, a telephone, and a bunch of office supplies that won’t get used most of the time. This sounds like a chaotic work environment! But, when you look at the workstation furniture and standalone work desks that Systems Commercial has to offer, you will see a major evolution from the traditional desk design you may be used to.

Evolution in design for modern office desks and workstation desks reflects the changing attitude towards work. It is important for employers to adapt to changes, especially those who want to stay competitive in the business world. Workstation desks for home offices also need to accommodate for modern working needs.

Where to buy quality work desks

This is easy if you know what you need. Not all commercial office furniture suppliers carry everything you need, so begin by identifying what you’re looking for in an office workstation.

Do you really need an executive-sized desk? Or are you better off with sit-stand desk option? Height-adjustable desks allow you to alternate working sitting down or standing up, great as home office desks as well. Workstations with built-in filing cabinets and easy cable entry are also popular options.

Knowing what you need for a desk will also help narrow down your options. Desks come in many shapes and sizes:

  • Computer desk
  • Laptop stand
  • Writing desk
  • Executive desk
  • Credenza desk
  • L-shaped desk
  • U-shaped desk

You also need to take into account quality and materials used. Laminate is said to be durable and affordable, while steel is low maintenance, extremely durable, and has a classy and professional look. Veneer and solid wood are heavy-duty and long-lasting but come with a hefty price tag. Glass is contemporary, but high maintenance, and has weight limitations.

Once you identify the type of desk that you need, and its material, shopping will be quick and easy.

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Talk to the office desk experts!

The office furniture experts here at Systems Commercial have the perfect workstations for you and your staff. Whether you’re looking for sit-stand desks, electric desks, or executive desks, we can help. If you need us to fit out your office with modern office furniture or simply require a standalone desk for your home office, contact us today to discuss our cost-effective solutions. Alternatively, visit our showroom to view our range test out an office desk for yourself!