Systema monitor arm

Create your ideal monitor arm for your workspace witht he mix n match Systema monitor arm range with intergrated monitor arms and mounting options

The range includes desk mount and wall mount arms with a full range of movement, rotation and spring assisted height  adjustability. The cleavely designed lever action system provides easy adjustment, attachedment and removal of the modular components.

Upgrade at any time to add screens,& notebooks. A great solution for hot desking and multi user environments.

The Systema range is designed to minimise its impact on the environment and has been designed for easy disassembly so that it can be broken for recycling at the end of its life.


Options include:

  1. Dynamic spring-assisted arm provides the ultimate in the display movement. Effortless adjustment from a seated position make this arm the most ergonomic choice.
  2. Shorter 130mm option is ideal for limited spaces where the arm reach adjustment is not required
  3. Longer 460mm arm will comfortably accommodate two 30″ screens in a side-by-side configurations or provide substantial reach for the focal distance adjustment.
  4. The longest 710mm arm can easily accommodate two 34″ displays in a dual display side-by-side configuration and designed for applications where you need that extra arm reach.
  5. Components are available in a range of colours to suit any decor
  6. Accessories and future upgrades. Ergonomic above desk power access. Dual USB outlets with Intelligent Device Recognition (IDR) technology for fast USB charging; dual GPO sockets. Integrates seamlessly at the base of the SYSTEMA™ desk mounts.

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