Arise Desk

A contemporary european designed sit stand desk at an affordable price


  • Size: 1400 – 2100Long x 800 Depth
  • Height adjustment: 650-1300 (including top)
  • Top: Any Melteca or Thermonate finish
  • Base: Silver powdercoat finish
  • Weight capacity: 120Kg (Incuding top)
  • Adjustment: Electric Adjust at the push of a button
  • Cable Trays Available


Improved Productivity

Workers take fewer breaks and have higher energy levels when using standing desks

Improved Health

Less Joint stiffness, backpain and fatigue, with fewer sick days and healthier, happy staff


Why Height Adjustable Work Surfaces (HAWS) Make For Good Business

Cornell University's Human Factors and Ergonomic Research Laboratory carefully studied the role that EHAWS play in musculoskeletal discomfort and productivity in the work environment. According to this and other cited studies:

  • Results show significant decreases in the severity of musculoskeletal discomfort for most upper body regions.
  • Alternating between sitting and standing at work benefits health and productivity.
  • There is significantly less spinal shrinkage for office workers who stand for portions of the day.
  • Body part discomfort decreases an average of 62 percent and the occurrence of injuries and illnesses decrease by more than half.
  • Workers take shorter and fewer breaks when using sit to stand desks.
  • Adjustable desks allow companies to easily fit the workspace to people of different heights and body types as well and those with
    disabilities and back problems.
  • HAWS are beneficial for hoteling, which is the practice of providing office space to employees on an as-needed basis.
    This reduces the amount of physical space that an enterprise needs, lowering overhead cost while ensuring that every worker
    can access office resources when necessary.
  • Employers investing in sit-stand desks are realising great advantages. Employees that are happier, healthier and more
    productive translates into cost savings and an improved working environment.
  • A team of scientists at the University of Missouri found that the enzymes that are responsible for burning fat just shut down
    when we sit. Standing up while working helps to reduce weight. A lternating between sitting and standing posture at work benefits
    health and productivity.



Height adjustable desks more than pay for themselves.

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