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To create an office environment with a positive impact on you and the rest of your employees, finding the right office system furniture is crucial. The right desk can help boost productivity, filing cabinets and storage can keep the office organised, and many other items can make day to day work more convenient and efficient.

When choosing office furnishings, the main thing to remember is ergonomics. This basically means a workplace that is considerate of the limitations and capabilities of the workers. For instance, an ergonomic chair ensures good posture while sitting down, and helps prevent neck and back pain.

Office Furniture and Design

The office furniture you pick will depend on whether or not a majority of tasks is based off paperwork, computer work or a combination of both.

A paper-heavy job requires a large tabletop surface area, which means you must know where to buy a desk that offers just that. Computer-based tasks require a desk with holes for cable management and a compartment to house the desktop tower. If you use a laptop, your work desk may be smaller. If you do both paperwork and computer work, an L-shaped or U-shaped workstation is highly recommended.

Photo of a reception area with office systems furniture provided by Systems Commercial, Auckland
Image of office workstations with office systems furniture provided by Systems Commercial, Auckland

How to choose office system furniture

  • Decide what your fit-out needs are. Remember: paperwork, computer work, or both?
  • Keep comfort in mind. It’s not ergonomic if it’s not comfortable and supports your needs.
  • Factor in your office layout and location, as some suppliers will find it easier to deliver than others.
  • Don’t sacrifice style for comfort. An office should have both to impress and inspire.

Buy office furniture from Systems Commercial Furniture

Systems Commercial Furniture is a leading provider of high-quality office products, so you know you’re getting your money’s worth. We carry a range of office furnishings, including height adjustable sit-stand desks which minimise—if not eliminate—the hazards of sitting down. Choose between electrically and manually adjustable desks that fit your budget, but remember, you can’t put a price on the welfare of employees.

When it comes to office furnishings, comfort and health of workers must be a priority. Contact Systems Commercial Furniture today, and learn more about creating the most conducive environment for productivity and efficiency.

Office room featuring office system furniture supplied by Systems Commercial, including desks, chairs, storage and more