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Despite the timeline outlined above, there is not much knowledge available on the history of office equipment. It does seem odd given that majority of the employees spend a huge percentage of their lives in the office – more time than spent at home! This reflects the relevance of the issue and the need to pay more attention to an efficient work desk design.

Mentioning the word “office” yields interesting reactions. Some people gleam with pride, while others show disinterest. Why do most people give so little thought about office spaces and workplace designs? This important issue should not be discarded by employers or employees, as it is the driving force behind commercial office fitouts and custom furniture. Traditional office furniture do not kindle a sense of enthusiasm in employees. That sense of enthusiasm is vital for workplace productivity.

It is also interesting to note that none of the earlier designs of work desks and office furniture have endured today. It speaks volumes about the relatively short life span of furniture pieces. Until the introduction of the ergonomic workstation in the 21st century, little thought was given to office designs. It was simply a place where people sat and performed their duties. The design was basically an economic choice for employers to get more people to fit into a particular space and ensure they each had a spot dedicated to their work. But the irony of it is that it does not generate the same level of productivity as modern and ergonomic office workstations create today.

Today, desk designers in NZ have incorporated many of the faults in design that were seen several centuries ago. Recent technology advancements have contributed to the new face of office furnitures. For example, modern computers have made it possible to carry out tasks previously performed by employees or office machines. Hence, you no longer need to invest in these machines and you can do all the work on your computer. This will instantly reduce the clutter in your office desk and help you focus on space-saving designs that will ensure higher productivity and organization. At the same time, technology has enabled furniture designers to create innovative designs that will facilitate the employee’s need for back support, comfort and adjustability.

As technology continues to evolve, and as the needs of employees continue to change, expect newer office designs to be introduced into the market in the years to come.

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