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Design Services

Systems Commercial

Office Design

Systems Commercial Furniture is a specialty service provider of office design in Auckland. We also provide furniture design and spatial layouts to fit your unique business demands. Our company went from a small office furniture provider to a top-rated commercial furniture manufacturer in New Zealand, so we’ve got a unique perspective on office design.

Systems Commercial Furniture stands out from its competition by committing to providing innovative designs and layout solutions that are unique to your needs. For more than 30 years, we have expanded our range of services to ensure that you only pay for the services and furniture that will benefit your company.

Design Services & Fitouts

Whether you are looking for a simple renovation, new or custom-made furniture, or even a completely new office renovation to inspire employees and amaze your customers, Systems Commercial Furniture is the best choice for new furniture and new office fitouts.

For those located either inside or outside of Auckland, we have a proven track record with businesses all across New Zealand. Office interior fitouts require both expertise and creativity to make sure the renovated space can be utilised for maximum efficiency and productivity, while setting a comfortable mood for employees and customers alike.

As one of the leaders in office fitouts in Auckland, we specialise in designing and executing commercial office fitouts.

We also choose the right furniture, or even custom make our own new furniture, to ensure that our customers get the perfect final product.

All of the furniture that we choose or make is designed for practical use without compromising on style. It’s extremely important to us that you are happy with all aspects of our products, including functionality, comfort, and visual appeal.

We’re Proven Design Experts

Our skill in choosing and producing the right furniture is just one of the many reasons we are considered by so many customers as the best office fitout company in New Zealand. Our office fitout specialists are experts at office interior design and furniture solutions for either commercial or residential office purposes.

We make absolutely certain that we can deliver our services to match every single one of our client’s requests in term of office fitout design and office fitout costs. We are well aware that any change to your schedule, particularly during business hours, can be massively disruptive to your business. That’s why we are committed to completing any task asked of us as quickly as possible, with minimal disruption to your routines, even as we stay within or under the desired budget. We understand how frustrating it is when contractors keep coming up with exorbitant new fees after you’ve already agreed on a budget. At Systems Commercial Furniture, we always make sure to be on or under budget.

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Our Wealth of Experience

Systems Commercial Furniture has been a key player among office fitout companies and commercial interior design for 30 years. Our wealth of experience means that we have been through the many changes and transformations of the furniture and fitout industry and have thrived through them all. Fashion and tastes may have changed, but our dedication to perfection and customer service remain the same.

Systems Commercial Furniture is dedicated to the ongoing innovation of office fitout design. Our forward-thinking approach will ensure that we are uniquely poised to adapt to the changing market and the changing needs of our customers for years to come.

In the spirit of ongoing evolution, we continue to provide the best solutions for office fitout design. Our office fitout is sure to be both affordable and well-crafted for both functionality and style. For the best commercial office fitout in Auckland, Systems Commercial Furniture is the premier choice.

Office Fitouts

Of all the wide-ranging services of our company, including retail and online furniture sales, commercial office fitouts require the most expertise and care.

At Systems Commercial Furniture, there will always be someone from the design team in house and available to consult with you about your office design. The team will then work directly with you to ensure that your brand-new working space will be made with the most creative and productive ideas possible. There are many different options available, including building partitions for separated meeting rooms or recreation areas for your staff to relax in.

How We Operate

Our interior designers will show you a simulation of the layout with 2D simulation of the layout with 2D images so you can get a better idea of what your newly renovated office will look and feel like. Our designers are experts in the 2D graphic generating software, and you can work directly with them to ensure the space looks exactly the way you want it before any physical work even gets started.

Our team can go on-site and analyse the space for the furniture arrangement. The team will then work on the final phase of your workplace design to make the best use out of your space for your brand-new office.

Because of the many options available, you can customise your furniture to suit your needs. We can also involve you in the process as much or as little as you like. You can be highly involved and make your own suggestions, or you can simply trust us to do the excellent job that has given us an impeccable reputation over our 30 years in the fitout business.

Whatever your choice, there will be no additional charges based on your level of involvement.

From Office Design to Manufacturing

After you approve the final plan from the design team, it will be handed over to the manufacturing team to begin the actual construction. Our skilled manufacturing team is experienced with all kinds of commercial office fitouts. They can work their magic in any style to make your dream design a reality.

You can even request specific materials for the renovation. We always use the highest quality materials to ensure that your fitout lasts for many years to come. Just the same, we like giving our customers the ability to choose materials.

3d plan

Spatial Design and Layouts

At Systems Commercial Furniture, we have an in-house team of designers who are experts when it comes to 2D rendering of spatial design and layout. You will be consulting with our team of in-house designers to create the space of your choice. Using advanced 2D technology, you will get a realistic idea of what the design concept is about. This way, you know exactly what to expect from us!

The advantage of using 2D technology to create spatial layouts and design is that you can provide input to the finished product (even before it is created). We encourage a collaborative effort between our team of designers and you, the client. While we would love to give you full control over the design, our team of experts is here to provide you with professional insight and help polish your desired result.

On Site Templating

After the 2D design and layout is completed, we also offer on-site templating and space planning. This service involves providing a detailed analysis of the available space. This is to ensure that you can determine the proper arrangement and sizing for the furniture to be used. Whether you require open plan spaces or closed-off office sections, we’ll work with you to get the best out ofr your space.

This is the final step of the design process and ensures that the design and layout to be created will fit into your office space.

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