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At Systems Commercial, we closely follow the latest trends in office furniture to ensure that our clients always have access to the best new concepts. This industry awareness helped us realise that black was a popular trend in commercial design throughout 2018, and it looks like the same trend will continue through 2019 as well.

Our wide range of products come in many shades of black, and can help update and improve your work space. From chairs, desk, table or even table leg storage, to monitor arms and breakout spaces, the dark tones of our catalogue can create depth and offset other colours within any office space. The thematic use of black also gives an industrial look to the space.

Black furniture

Black has been a noticeable popular trend in office space furniture because of the benefits the colour can add to any setting. Even basic upgrades can change the look of an office for the better. For instance, simply adding black steel legs to your desks, bar leaners or coffee tables can create a sophisticated aesthetic for your office area.

System Commercial has a range of fixed height and sit to stand desks, which are available with a black powder, coated leg. Check out our Hummer desk, Idaho desk, Vulcan Desk & Federal Desk for furniture that adds both functionality and aesthetics.

Storage units are also a great way to easily incorporate black into any office space. Our desk range ties in well with our Zee Metal mobile in powder coated black, creating the perfect combination for your under-desk storage needs.

For a more dynamic look, the Zee Tambour range can liven up any area. By pairing easily with the black planter boxes, the combination offers a great way to add a pop of colour and greenery to your workplace. Without drawing too much attention to themselves, these units provide ample storage space while fitting easily into any layout.

Black Cabinetry

If done well, black cabinetry can be sleek, minimalist, and dramatic. This is why prior to choosing a cabinet it is important to consider all aspects of the room to ensure the new cabinet fits the area in all dimensions. Things to consider include the size, layout, and natural light of the room, as they all affect how the cabinet will change the look of an area. For instance, while black cabinets can provide an industrial look, using black in a room that is small can make the room look smaller. The texture and shade of black also has to be taken into consideration. From our years of experience, we think matte black works really well in an open plan office especially when paired with concrete or light wooden floors.

Projects with Black

Our range of black office furniture is suited to the needs of all New Zealand businesses, and we also provide in-house office designs and fitout services. Together with our consultants, the fitout team will ensure that every project goes smoothly and comes out as desired.

As an example, we were asked to work on an office space at Queens Rise, 125 Queen Street. They wanted an industrial theme in one office space. To achieve this objective, we used Carbon Vapour (Dark Metallic) tops along with Black Hummer desk frames. To provide privacy for the workers, Black Acrylic screens were used to break up the desks.

Another, more recent project was commissioned for JCL construction. Black frames were used on all desking and tables, along with white tops to give a bold monochrome look. This was broken up with Natural toned fabric on soft seating.

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