Ergonomic & Electric Sit Stand Workstations in Auckland

Sit or stand? You choose! Be free of old fashion office trends and give freedom to your work life. It's helthier for your body and stimulating for the mind.

We porvide wind up, electric, hydraulic and further more options to suit any unique need. On top of that there is the oportunity to change the size and colour/finished in many cases.

Many of our customers start out by giving the product a trial run (so to speak) only to return a short time later to buy desks for the whole office.  Welcome to skip (or jog, or hike) over to our showroom and speak to our sales team.  We stand ready to answer your questions and speak with you about the amazing benefits of adjustable height desks.

Luka *$490.00*




Wave *$299.00*




Greenstar Standing